Citybank Eazypay

Citybank Eazypay

Project: Citibank Eazypay

Client: Citibank Credit Card

Eazypay catalog is Citibank’s monthly catalog/magazine for installment purchase. The content is approximately 64 printed pages that consist of 80% catalog and 20% articles. Our involvement in this project was from the start to the end. From building the template, creating topics for each issue, writing articles, organizing all sorts of data from vendor, lay outing the whole content until supervising the printing process.

This is one of the projects that we took pride in terms of team works. We had 7 people working solely for this project, working long hours every months to make sure the catalog would be precisely available to be distributed on the dateline. The project seem simple at first, but managing more than 60 vendors with each one having different opinions and ideas regarding their page; and lay outing all the details into a 64 pages catalog in less than 2 weeks are far from an easy task.


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March 3, 2015

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